First 6D pics (Pic intensive)

As stated on my Facebook page, I recently purchased a Canon 6D and, due to the circumstances, I really want to do it justice.  Here’s the first batch of pics taken at Mohonk Mountain Resort for my company’s team building exercise.  Let me know what you think:


Graduation Day!!

My lovely and intelligent wife just graduated with a Masters of Nursing, Specialty in Informatics and I couldn’t be prouder!!  She worked hard and deserves many accolades for getting to this point.  She even made the National Honor Society in the process!  Which begs the question: If she’s so smart and educated, why the heck is she with me?  Hopefully she won’t wise up! :-) (more…)

More Snowflake Attempts

You’d think that since Frozen earned 2 Oscars last night Elsa would have taken pity on us, but no.  We have approximately 7″ of new snow on the ground today.  Ever one to see the bright side of things, I decided to take another shot, (see what I did there?), at Snowflake photography.  After realizing that I wasn’t going to be able to use my tripod due to the way my porch is set up, I ventured out ready to do battle hand held.

The set up was simple, my trusty 60D, my Tamron 28-300 fully zoomed and a total of 65mm of extension tubes in between them.  I laid a blue/black towel, (it started out life as blue but age has weathered it), on my porch railing and laid in wait for the elusive little suckers.  Elsa was not cooperating as I only got very tiny flakes, but I like what I came up with.  As always, I value your thoughts and input.

Frozen fractals all around

Frozen fractals all around

Nature's buried treasure

Nature’s buried treasure

No two alike

No two alike

Winter's structures

Winter’s structures

To Elsa, about this winter, I say “Let it go.”

Keep shooting



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